About Me



The Red Bird Whistle came about many years ago-I just did not know at the time how it would become part of my journey with cameras and candles.

Sunrises, pastures, cotton fields and red birds--I love all these and they all take me back to being a little girl.  My father would wake my sister and me up early enough to be on the road to watch the sunrise as we drove to my grandparents house which was surrounded by pastures and beautiful fields of whatever crop was in season, the cotton fields were my favorite.  I loved being out in the country and though our house was in town I had a connection to nature by a corner window overlooking a creek where I could sit forever listening to the red birds whistling and I found so much joy whistling back to them!

My camera seems to be drawn to nature as well and I love to try and capture some of the beauty that God has blessed us with-it truly brings me joy and a sense of peace.  I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them!  Hand rolling beeswax candles came along much later but when I did research on beeswax vs petroleum based candles I made the switch! I love the glow of these candles and I now can enjoy burning candles without worrying about the chemicals! Also while researching beeswax I learned so many fascinating facts about the honeybee--what an amazing creature!  If you are interested in keeping them safe I have included a few links under "Donate" that you can check out.

So, whether I am taking photographs or rolling candles I often find myself back in time remembering sunrises, pastures, cotton fields and red birds and even though many years have passed I have not forgotten their song and I still stop and look for them whenever I hear the red bird whistle.

Thanks for stopping by and as you wander through these pages I hope you can capture some of that peace!



 Faith , Hope and Love---but the greatest of these is love.    

 1Corinthians 13:13